The light-curing glue and modelling material Li-Bond
The light-curing glue and modelling material Li-Bond

Li-Bond is a light-curing material suitable for many applications in the dental lab. Li-Bond allows ultra-fast and safe fixation and connection of many materials used in the dental lab such as metals, acrylics, wax, plaster etc. Li-Bond is also intended as a light-curing modelling material and is ideal as a stable base layer for telescopic crowns, connecting attachments and implant-abutments. The material adheres well to wax and can be used to connect complex wax bridge-work sections e.g. after separating cuts to relieve contractions, as Li-Bond has neutral contraction properties. Temporary fixing of attachments & telescopic crowns for soldering is also possible as is quick and effective fixing or stabilizing for soldering or denture repairs. The material burns residue-free.

The Shore-hardness is D 80-85; Li-Bond is stable at a temperature between -40°C and + 150°C. The Li-Bond pen consists of a cartridge which contains the material, a plastic holder and a LED lamp. Both replacement cartridges and LED lamps are available as spare parts.


Fixation Through Li-Bond

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