DFS Diamon non-precious dental alloys including accessories
DFS Diamon non-precious dental alloys including accessories

Biodur® Soft

The nickel-free dental alloy Biodur® Soft (CoCr basis) is a non-precious alloy type 4 suitable for all high-fusing ceramics. Biodur® Soft can be processed with all applicable common casting techniques. Biodur® Soft is easy to work with, given it's Vickers hardness of 314 HV, moreover the alloy leaves a pleasant oxide. The liquidus point is 1395°C, the casting temperature is reached at 1500°C.


This non-precious dental alloy on nickel basis is an alloy type 3 for ceramic crown- and bridgework. It can be used with high-fusing ceramics, with a Vickers hardness of 194 HV 10 Niadur® is easy to process and to work on. Niadur® is popular worldwide and has been successfully used for decades to produce quality dental prosthetic work.


Diadur is a nickel-free casting alloy type 5 for partial frameworks. The Vickers hardness is 370 HV 10 and therefore meets all requirements for a modern casting alloy for partial frameworks.

All DFS Diamon non-precious alloys are available in a packaging unit of 1 kg or as 10 kg in bulk.

As a helpful and necessary accessory to the range of dental alloys, DFS Diamon offers the highly effective flux material Fluxur, which is suitable for both precious and non-precious alloys. The solders Soldur® C for non-precious alloys on CoCr basis are available as sticks of 1,5 g. For nickel-based alloys such as Niadur®, the solder Soldur® N is available as a special nickel-based solder.

All solders have excellent flowing properties and meet all requirements for a modern dental solder. Laser wires are available on CoCr and titanium basis.

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