Innovative fast-fixing mandrel systems
Innovative fast-fixing mandrel systems


The Quick-Fix® mandrel system was developed to avoid the time-consuming task of changing diamond and separating discs. The system consists of a mandrel (yellow) for diamond discs and plaster discs and a second mandrel (black) for separating discs. Both mandrels consist of the actual mandrel (to be used in the straight handpiece), and a fastening plug (to be inserted into the top of the mandrel).

The plug of the yellow mandrel should be twisted by 90° and then pulled out of the mandrel. The diamond or plaster disc is then placed onto the mandrel, whereupon the right-angle hole needs to enclose the corresponding area on the mandrel surface. Finally, the plug is inserted vertically into the mandrel with the yellow dots on plug and mandrel aligned. The “click” sound confirms firm closure.

The black mandrel is equipped with a conventional closing system. The plug is removed by twisting the plug and pulling it out. Once the new disc is placed on the top of the mandrel it can be closed by turning the plug into the mandrel again like a screw.

Please note that the Quick-Fix® mandrel system only functions with the Quick-Fix® discs as the disc holes differ in size and design from conventional discs. DFS Diamon has developed a range of diamond, plaster and separating discs suitable for Quick-Fix® which meet the most important technical applications.

In addition to the improved productivity, caused by abolishing the time-consuming task of changing discs (or in the case of diamond discs the switching around of the disc), Quick-Fix® offers significant economic advantages since discs now can be systematically sourced non-mounted, leading to important cost saving compared to mounted discs.

The diamond and plaster discs are manufactured using the same technology and quality standard as normal DFS Diamon diamond and plaster discs. The use of natural diamonds with increased cutting efficiency and the two-layer diamond coating technology leaves nothing to be desired in terms of quality, efficiency and lifetime.

Smart Fox

The Smart Fox mandrel system is a next generation of fast fixing mandrel systems. For the first time, it is possible to use a single mandrel for both diamond and separating discs. The mandrel opens by simply twisting the plug. After changing the disc and placing the new disc onto the mandrel or the plug, the mandrel closes by turning it into the mandrel like a screw. Please note that there are two types of mandrels, one left – and the other right-hand rotating to make sure that both right- and left-handed technicians are able to safely operate the Smart Fox mandrel system.

Because of technical limitations the use of plaster discs is not possible on the Smart Fox mandrel system, since safe operating of the larger diameters of plaster discs with the resulting centrifugal forces cannot be guaranteed. Please also note that the disc hole diameters of diamond and separating discs are different from those of conventional discs. This is again because of technical reasons in order to ensure safe handling. DFS Diamon offers a selection of diamond and separating discs analogous to the Quick-Fix® system in identical quality as conventional DFS Diamon discs.