DFS Diamon sintered diamonds and sintered diamond discs
DFS Diamon sintered diamonds and sintered diamond discs

DFS Diamon sintered diamonds

As with carbide burs DFS Diamon has decades of experience in developing and manufacturing high performing sintered diamonds. Sintered diamonds are used predominately on partial frameworks, as their characteristics and performance deliver significant advantages compared to conventional stones. Most importantly, their lifetime is about 200-300 times longer than that of stones. Next to the obvious economic advantages sintered diamonds also deliver additional environmental benefits resulting from reduced raw material consumption and reduced dust thereby improving the work environment. Technicians also save time because fewer instruments need to be used and changed. Finally, sintered diamonds require less pressure while running and can thereby extend the lifetime of the micro motor.

Please note that sintered diamonds should not be used on surfaces intended for ceramic build-up in order to avoid excessive heat and residual contamination. This of course also applies to stones.

Another application for sintered diamonds is ceramics where they are appreciated because of their exceptionally long lifetime. We recommend using fine (red) and superfine (yellow) diamonds grit sizes on ceramics. When using sintered diamonds on ceramics black marks can appear on the workpiece because of the metal bonding used. This does not constitute contamination or damage to the ceramic as the black marks can easily be removed by sand blasting or polishing.

DFS Diamon sintered diamonds are superior to conventional sintered instruments because of their higher diamond concentration. Sintered diamonds are manufactured using a metal bonding together with the actual diamonds. DFS Diamon has succeeded in gradually reducing the share of the metal bonding (thereby increasing the diamond content) without reducing stability. As a consequence, DFS Diamon sintered diamond instruments will excel in delivering outstanding cutting efficiency coupled with exceptional lifetime . Contrary to electroplated diamonds, sintered diamonds are full diamond and can be used all the way down to the core of the instrument.

Shapes and diamond grit sizes

Sintered diamond in extracoarse and coarse grit sizes are especially popular when working metal alloys (Superturbo and Turbo) since they perform exceptionally well in terms of grinding efficiency while maintaining a long lifetime. Instruments in medium grit (Macro) and also intended primarily for use on metal frameworks whereas the finer grits Micro and Milli-Micron find their use predominantly on ceramics. Cleaning stones in different sizes are available for cleaning of sintered diamonds.

Sintered diamond discs

Using the same manufacturing technology DFS Diamon also manufactures sintered diamonds discs which have been popular for decades used on partial frameworks.

Sidia® electroplated sintered diamond disc

The electroplated sintered discs Sidia® are a unique, innovative DFS Diamon development. These discs combine the advantages of conventional diamond discs (thickness of only 0.15 mm and some flexibility) with the advantages of a sintered disc (long lifetime because of full diamond content). The diamond edge of the Sidia® discs is made of full diamond – similar to sintered diamond discs – and guarantees an exceptionally long lifetime when used correctly.

The Sidia® discs are used primarily for separating and cutting ceramics including zirconia.


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