Diamond instruments for dentistry
Diamond instruments for dentistry

DFS Diamon manufactures a wide range of diamond instruments for all dental medical applications. The grit sizes include all grits relevant for dental applications. These range from extracoarse and coarse for efficient, fast abrasion, medium-grit instruments with universal applications in prosthetic dentistry, to fine and superfine grit sizes used for smaller or finer applications on teeth. Superfine and fine diamonds are intended for finishing and smoothing, e.g. in case of composite fillings.

Product quality

All DFS Diamon diamond instruments feature a multi-layer diamond coating with each layer being individually embedded. The exclusive use of natural diamond in all relevant grit sizes ensures superior cutting efficiency coupled with outstanding durability. As a result, the user will experience not only practical application-related advantages but also economic benefits. Given these technical features and based on our decades of experience in manufacturing dental rotary instruments, DFS Diamon diamond instruments excel not only in performance but also contribute to the bottom line of dental practice.

FG diamond burs

High speed FG diamonds are available in standard FG shank, in FG short shank and for some items in long shank. In addition, DFS Diamon manufactures FG diamond burs for minimally invasive applications and FG Turbo diamonds with spiral. FG Turbo diamonds are primarily used in crown and cavity preparation. The design of the spiral improves the cooling effect by channeling the water flow; moreover, the design of the spiral accelerates the transportation of debris. These advantages assist the dentist as less pressure is needed while grinding, thus the aquaplaning effect can be avoided. Turbo diamonds are available in two different designs, one with a spiral without diamond coating, the other with a spiral milled into the blank and full diamond coating.

All relevant shapes used in the dental practice are included in our product range. Common shapes such as egg, football, lense, torpedo, flame, conical and cylindrical shapes are manufactured in a wide variety of diameters. In addition, DFS Diamon has developed additional instruments such as FG diamonds with a depth marking, reducers in various designs and tools for veneer preparation.

Given the depth and breadth of the product range, all tasks to be performed in a dental practice can be handled efficiently and economically. For crown preparations the Diafutur instruments provide additional support as they are designed with a non-diamond coated guide pin. The different burs have been specifically created for PFM, full ceramic such as L2S and zirconia restorations. The unique shape and the different diameters support preparations even in complex cases as they assist the dentist to respect specific and unique widths and wall strengths.

CA (right angle) diamonds

In addition to FG diamonds we manufacture diamonds for CA (right angle) including diamonds for periodontic work.

FG Piranhas

FG Piranhas are manufactured using a complex three-layer diamond coating. Using diamonds of different grit sizes in sequential production steps delivers an extremely dense, homogeneous and stable structure of the diamond coating, which significantly improves lifetime.

Furthermore, DFS Diamon has developed several special instruments designed for cutting zirconia crowns (e.g. Zircut® instruments), a tool for trepanating zirconia, the Miniflex diamond disc for intraoral corrections and the Softy-Longlife sintered diamond crown cutter. If used correctly this unique crown cutter prevents injury of soft tissue while efficiently cutting metal frameworks.


Crown cutter Softy Longlife