DFS-Diamon polishers for dentistry
DFS Diamon polishers for dentistry

Developing and manufacturing innovative polishing solutions for dental medical care has been a focus of DFS Diamon's product range development. Rotary instruments for efficient polishing include both the conventionally shaped ceramic and composite polishers but also the innovative polishing system RTS and selected polishers for prophylaxis care.

RTS polishing system

The RTS polishing system developed by DFS Diamon consists of superfine spiral finishing FG diamonds, specially developed polishing brushes and finally diamond-impregnated felt polishers available in a kit and individually.

The superfine spiral FG diamonds are designed as finishing instruments for dental restorative materials such as ceramics and composite. After applying the diamond-coated finishers, two different Uporal polishing brush types are available for polishing. Uporal C is designed for metals and amalgam whereas Uporal D is suitable for ceramics, composites and similar materials. The abrasive effect of the Uporal brushes is due to the specially selected fibers impregnated with an abrasive grain such as silicon carbide or Diadurit®. Uporal brushes should be used at low speed with intermittent pressure. High shine will appear after about one minute of polishing with Uporal brushes. Both the finishing diamonds and the Uporal polishing brushes can be sterilized and used multiple times. The last step involves the Diafix® Oral polishers which deliver absolute high shine in seconds. Diafix® Oral are diamond-impregnated felt polishers (single use only, not autoclavable).

The RTS polishing system delivers faster results than conventional silicon polishers. In addition, as the fibers adapt to the occlusal and interdental surfaces without losing their shape, all surfaces are polished with equal effect. Even in difficult areas, such as interdental spaces, Uporal brushes deliver shine without requiring special efforts. Finally, Uporal polishers are also attractive from an economic perspective compared to conventional silicon polishers, as one Uporal brush is equivalent so several hundred conventional silicon polishers.

Polishers for prophylaxis

DFS Diamon has developed special polishers for prophylaxis. Two shapes (flame and cup) are available which need to be manually screwed on a right angle mandrel included in the kit. The polishers contain an abrasive grain which does not impact the tooth but reliably removes plaque, stains and other unwanted residue. No polishing paste is required.

Polishers for ceramics and composites

DFS Diamon polishers for ceramics and composite require two polishing steps. 2ceram polishers are available for ceramics and are impregnated with fine and superfine diamonds. The two polishing steps are sufficient for finishing, polishing and high shine polishing. In addition to the usual CA (right angle) polishers, DFS Diamon also offers two shapes on FG shank.

Likewise, the 2comp polishers require two steps. 2comp polishers are polyurethane-based and contain diamonds and silicon carbide (fine and superfine) as polishing grain thereby delivering excellent polishing results. The Durocomp polishers have been developed for extra hard composites and contain medium and superfine diamonds as abrasive grain.