Diamond discs, separating discs and plaster discs
Diamond discs, separating discs and plaster discs

Flexible diamond discs

For many years, developing and manufacturing innovative quality diamond discs has been a focal point within DFS Diamon's product range. Diamond discs are available in different strengths and diamond grit sizes. After decades of perfecting our expertise in diamond coating, it is again put to use by applying the proven multi-layer diamond coating technology with individual embedding similar to HP diamonds or diamonds used in dentistry, enabling exceptional and long-lasting product performance. The exclusive use of natural diamonds ensures efficient performance whenever needed.

Next to popular discs, such as the Flexiflex®, the Superflexiflex® and the Top-Flex (each with different diamond grit), a variety of perforated disc designs are available. These allow technicians to monitor the workpiece by looking across the discs while the disc is rotating. The perforation also improves the air flow and thereby the cooling. The most popular discs are the Sepaflex® (available in two different strengths), the Polyflex and the Plexoflex.

Both discs with double-side coating and single-side coating are available; for example the popular discs Flexiflex® and Superflexiflex® are manufactured in both variants. Many discs are also produced in different diameters, mostly in 190 and 220.

DFS Diamon offer several unique discs for specific tasks such as the rigid Cono-Disc and the Double Action which features coatings in two different diamond grit sizes on either side. This improves separating and contouring if the technician prefers to have abrasion on only one side.

Another DFS Diamon specialty are the Hydroflex discs with ultrafine diamond for finishing, which hold the world record for the thinnest diamond disc.

In addition to producing discs for working ceramics, DFS Diamon also manufactures discs for acrylics, such as the Rapidocut, Sensoflex, Cutflex and Laserflex discs.

Separating discs

The reinforced DFS Diamon shark discs are available in three different diameters/strengths for efficient cutting of non-precious alloys. The Powercut disc is an alternative option for non-precious alloys as well. The popular Golden Devil disc is designed for precious and other alloys.

Plaster discs

DFS Diamon is a leading manufacturer of high performing plaster discs. Various discs for use in straight handpiece are available in diameters between 320 and 450 1/10 mm. The perforated discs High Tech and Plastro have proven to be especially popular and have stood the test of time in countless dental labs around the world.

Electroplated diamond plaster discs with multiple layers of diamond are also available for use in model saws. The product range includes many types with different inner and outer diameters and disc strengths so that a suitable disc is available for most popular models of models saws.

Wire brushes

The diamond-coated wire brushes are designed as brushes to finish stippled partial surfaces on model plates and as brushes to finish surfaces of partials and for cleaning of crown interiors.

Mandrels and reducers

A complete range of mandrels for discs and polishers plus reducers in various designs.


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