Synarock plaster and instruments for plaster
SynaRock plaster and instruments for plaster

SynaRock plaster

The DFS Diamon plaster SynaRock is a thixotropic superstone class 4+, the ultimate synthetic blend with unmatched bending/breaking strength. SynaRock delivers optimum fit and represents the standard for accurate reproduction concerning hardness, expansion behavior, edge strength and stability. With its extraordinary flow characteristics you will achieve outstanding detail and precision. The shiny and smooth surface allows easy cleaning of the model. Synarock can be used in combination with all materials – alginates, hydrocolloides, silicones, rubber, polyesther etc.

Pouring time at 20°C is 6-8 minutes, after 40 minutes the plaster model is fully set. Synarock is available in buckets of 3,6 and 25 kg and in bags of 3 kg.

Durolan die spacer

After applying Durolan die spacer, surfaces are smooth and scratch-resistant. Its even, homogeneous texture noticeably improves the fit of restoration. Durolan is available in bottles containing 25 ml in different thicknesses and colors including blue (5µ), red (10µ), silver (13µ) and gold (15µ). The Durolan clear (thickness 3-5µ) acts as a surface hardener to avoid abrasion of occlusal contact points of plaster models. The clear die spacer is also suitable for insulating or hardening basal plaster surfaces and as a first layer before applying a colored spacer. A thinner is also available to top off the die spacer range.

Other instruments and consumables for working on plaster

Plastrim diamond burs have been developed for adjusting and grinding on plaster models. Smooth and vibration-free grinding without clogging is possible due to the instrument shape and the diamond coating design. The layout of the diamond coating supports the removal of debris and avoids interruptions due to cleaning because of clogging.

The silicone spray and Isofix have been developed to insulate different materials. The silicone spray reliably separates plaster against acrylics, rubber, metal, wax and plaster. The spray is available in a 75 ml can. Isofix forms a microfilm of 3-5µ after a single application per brush. Crowns and bridges can be lifted off easily tension-free and stains on the inner parts of the crowns can be avoided. Isofix is solvent-free and water soluble. The packaging unit consists of a 25 ml brush bottle and a refill bottle of 500 ml.

Plastodur deserves mentions as a surface hardener to avoid abrasion of the contact points of plaster models during trial articulation. It is applied with a brush onto plaster surfaces, scratch-resistant after 15 min, hard and fast after 30 minutes.

The DFS Diamon duplication gel completes the range of consumables in this segment. The duplication gel is available in three variants with the pink and clear gel suitable for plaster and the green gel intended for partial framework investments and resin casting technique. All DFS Diamon duplicating gels are reversible.


Instruments and consumables for working on plaster

Plastrim bur for adjusting and grinding plaster models, insulants such as silicone spray and Isofix, Plastodur surface hardener and DFS Diamon duplicating gel

Plastrim, Silicone spray

Isofix, Plastodur

Duplicating gel


Die Spacer

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