DFS Diamon tungsten carbide instruments for dentistry
DFS Diamon tungsten carbide instruments for dentistry

Tungsten carbide instruments have been used in the dental practice for decades. DFS Diamon has developed a range of carbide instruments that cover all needs of the dental practice regarding prosthetic work. Raw materials are selected with special care to make sure the material has both the required hardness and strength to avoid rapid wear and to ensure that the carbide material is not too brittle in order to reduce the risk of fracture. As a result, DFS Diamon instruments are a winning solution regarding instruments made of full tungsten carbide (e.g. some FG instruments), as well as concerning instruments consisting of a steel shank soldered to the carbide head.

The design of cutting geometries is another focal point, as tools need to have both excellent cutting efficiency and exceptional blade stability in order to reduce the risk of early blunting or even fracture. Even with outstanding cutting performance DFS Diamon tools run smoothly with little if any vibration and guarantee the user optimal control.

In addition to matching the industry standard's cutting designs, DFS Diamon has also developed innovative solutions regarding shapes and cutting designs such as the Kario Cut instruments with SL- cut. These innovative tools are manufactured with a slender cylindrical neck that significantly improves the dentist’s visibility of the operating area.

Furthermore, several instruments for endodontic applications have been developed consisting of a carbide head with a cut and lateral diamond coating on the neck (Shank FG XL).

Tungsten carbide burs

The most common shapes such as rosehead burs, inverted cone, pear, cylinder and others are certainly part of our range in order to enable dentists to work efficiently and effectively. Suitable instruments are available as well for other applications such as cavity and crown-preparation and of course fillings. The Amal Cut is particularly suitable for the removal of old fillings. Periodontic work, such as rootplaning, is facilitated by using special shapes and cuts designed for that purpose. An orthodontic carbide bur is available e.g. for removing remaining glue.

Carbide finishers

Our product range aspires to provide the user with different instruments regarding shape and finishing cut design, such as carbide finishers with 12 or 30 blades, to prepare for different patient situations. Other finishers are available in cross cut designs.

Crown cutters

Carbide crown cutters have been a key aspect of our product development and manufacturing for years. The wide range of tungsten carbide crown cutters includes both conventional shapes and designs and special instruments for specific tasks. It is our ambition to provide outstanding quality instruments suitable for all dental applications and materials to ensure efficient and economic instrument performance. The instruments 411581 and 411582 have been designed for optimal performance on all metals including titanium and extra hard composites. Other instruments are best used on PFM crowns.