DFS Diamon diamond instruments for the dental lab
DFS Diamon diamond instruments for the dental lab

Electroplated diamond burs HP for ceramics

The exclusive use of natural diamonds ensures a superior cutting efficiency. As all our rotary diamond instruments are manufactured with two individually embedded layers of diamond, they not only possess great cutting efficiency but also significantly enhanced lifetime. Users will enjoy technical and/or work-process related advantages and will find the DFS Diamon burs to be of great value. Our longstanding experience in product development and manufacturing diamond burs enables us to constantly improve these technical features and their economic value for users.

Following industry standards, we mostly use medium-grit diamonds for our range of HP diamonds. However, following multiple requests from users we extended the range to further include fine, coarse and extracoarse diamonds.

All relevant bur shapes needed in the dental lab are part of our product range. Common shapes such as ball, lense, egg, torpedo, flame and conical or cylindrical shapes are available in a wide range of diameters.

Electroplated HP diamonds XL in reinforced dense diamond coating

The HP diamonds XL are a unique DFS Diamon product. A common complication arises in the dental lab with diamonds of particular shape, such as needles. In this scenario, only the tip area is used for grinding, causing the diamonds around the tip to wear down rapidly whereas the diamonds on the lateral sides appear to be still intact but not of much use. DFS Diamon developed the XL diamonds HP to solve this problem. The advantage for the technician consists in a condensed diamond coating via multiple layers of diamond coating in the critical areas around the instrument tip. The lifetime of the instruments is thereby significantly enhanced.

Special diamond instruments

Turbo spiral diamonds HP are a unique DFS Diamon development. The spiral facilitates the removal of debris and avoids clogging. The instruments are suitable for soft lining materials, acrylics and light-curing tray material.

Rotary special diamond instruments also include the sprue finisher with extra coarse diamonds for the removal of casting stumps and the alveolar and periphery finishers for acrylics and light-curing tray materials.

Additional instruments for grinding plaster (Plasturbo) and the Pinfix complete the product range in this section.