DFS Diamon instruments for milling technique
DFS Diamon instruments for milling technique

The DFS Diamon instruments for milling technique were developed in order to provide technicians with a comprehensive yet compact range of robust, efficient and long-lasting milling burs. The objective was to limit the number of instruments needed and to deliver consistent quality results with the least amount of investment and effort needed.

As a general rule, carbide burs are available in three different cuts, coarse (green) as a first milling bur, medium (blue) as a milling bur and fine (red) as a finishing bur. The cylindrical burs for parallel milling at 0 degree are manufactured in three different diameters (010, 015 and 023) which matches the usual standard. In addition, carbide burs are available at two, four and six degree angles, at each angle with one diameter. At two degrees the diameter is 023, at four degrees 031 and at six degrees 040.

In addition to these carbide milling burs, a number of instruments have been added for specific applications. Wax milling burs are available in identical diameters as the milling burs or alternatively as wax scraping instruments at zero, two, four and six degree angles.

Several additional instruments for parallel millings are useful complements to the milling bur range. These include Twisters, helpful for milling interlocks, a centering bur and shoulder cutting burs with a cut design at the tip with the function of protecting already milled surfaces whilst milling shoulders. Groove cutters for milling of lateral grooves complete the product range.

In addition to the burs, DFS Diamon offers the Millipol polishing range at different angles and diameters for finishing surfaces. The polishers are available in three polishing steps, as prepolishers (brown), and two gradated polishers in blue (fine) and grey (superfine).

To complete the milling technique range, a transfer jig can to be used in the parallelometer or in the milling machine in order to transport cast objects from the master to the milling model. The transfer jig allows simultaneous transfer of up to eight objects, while securing a stable positioning on the milling model.

A reduced set of burs is available for use in milling machines requiring a shank diameter of 3 mm.

The popular Implantan milling burs for titanium abutments deserve a final mention. The specially designed cutting geometry enables technicians to efficiently and conveniently perform milling operations on titanium. The burs deliver smooth titanium surfaces, resulting in facilitated polishing.

Circone diamonds for parallel milling

Another option for working zirconia is to use the hydro air carver with water cooling. DFS Diamon offers FG diamonds specifically developed for this purpose with diamond coating ranging from medium (blue) to hyperfine (pink). The Circone diamond are available as a set in cylindrical and conical shapes (1° and 2°) and as refills.