The self-curing resin Polipress
The self-curing resin Polipress

Available only upon completion of the conformity assessment procedure (CE certification)

The self-curing resin Polipress is indicated for the completion of partial frameworks. Good fluidity and a wide processing range ensure a safe and easy application for fabrication of the resin parts of partial frameworks. Additional indications of Polipress are the relining of partial and full dentures as well as repairs. Stable colors and superb polishing properties make it a safe product to use for users and patients.

Hypress is a state-of-the art self-curing resin for dentures with improved tolerance to the mucosa. Due to its micro pearl technology the mixing ratio of powder and liquid allows to significantly reduce the residual monomer content in the denture body resulting in better tolerance of the resin with the mucosa. Hypress is indicated for full and partial dentures as well as relinings and repairs. Hypress provides high color stability and outstanding polishing properties.

Pattern Stuff is a quick and precise helper in lab and clinic. It is indicated for fast direct and lab side fixing and modelling. The self-curing resin Pattern Stuff can be easily applied; it quickly hardens and provides excellent stiffness and stability. Minimal shrinkage and smooth surfaces, e.g. attachments or telescope crowns provide best results when soldering and casting. Due to its hardness Pattern Stuff shows best properties when performing adjustment work, it burns without residue.

Salt N´Pepper has been developed for orthodontic applications – the material of choice for removable orthodontic appliances. Salt N´Pepper is especially designed for the salt n’ pepper technique. Matching accessories like application bottles with metal spray nozzle for powder and canulae for liquids allow fast and easy processing. Easy and quick polishing of Salt N´Pepper for shiny surfaces.